Top 10 Colleges in Barishal

Education is a lifelong process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and experiences that empower individuals to understand the world, make informed decisions, and contribute to society. It encompasses formal learning through schools, colleges, and universities, as well as informal learning through personal experiences, self-study, and interactions with others. Here are the Top 10 Colleges in Barishal List:

Top 10 Colleges in the Barishal Division
  1. Govt. Brojomohun (BM) College, Barishal
  2. Govt. Syed Hatem Ali College – Barisal
  3. Barishal Gov’t. Women’s College, Barishal
  4. Bhola Gov’t. College, Bhola
  5. Govt. Barishal College, Barishal
  6. Government Suhrawardi College, Pirojpur
  7. Barguna Gov’t. College, Barguna
  8. Charfasson Govt. College, Bhola
  9. Patuakhali Gov’t. College, Patuakhali
  10. Jhalokati Government College, Jhalokati

About Colleges

Here are the Top 10 Colleges in Barishal Division about the Government Brojomohun College, Barishal. Brojomohun College was established on 14th June 1889 by Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta. Government Syed Hatem Ali College, located in Barisal, is one of the renowned colleges of southern Bangladesh. It is a university-level college where students besides class 11 and 12, can attend bachelor courses as well. Barisal Government Women’s College is a master’s degree college in Barisal, Bangladesh. It was established in 1957 and nationalized in 1987. The college has over 3,600 students and eight honors-level subjects. Bhola Government College is a government educational institution located in the area adjacent to Yugirghol, Bhola-Char Fashion Road in Bhola City. It was established in 1962, the college is the oldest school in Bhola District. (Wikipedia)

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