Nazrul Islam Baki is the best web design expert in Bangladesh

Md. Nazrul Islam Baki is a young Entrepreneur, Digital creator and Engineer. Professionally he is a computer engineer. Md. Nazrul Islam Baki is the best web design expert in Bangladesh. Professionally he has been working with WordPress for almost three years. He has been working with WordPress for almost three years as a web designer at online marketplace Fiverr and also works offline. He is also a digital marketer and domain flipper.

Md Nazrul Islam Baki
Md Nazrul Islam Baki

About Md. Nazrul Islam Baki

Nazrul Islam Baki spent his childhood and adolescence in Lalmohne Upazila of Bhola. His education started in his grandfather’s established school 85No. D. P. Charlakshi Govt. Primary School by his mother. His mother is a teacher at that school. After that in Primary (PSC) “First Division”. Passed and admitted to Lalmohan Model Govt. Secondary School. From there he passed the Junior School Certificate (JSC). Due to his poor JSC results, he was admitted to his father’s working school in class 9-10 and successfully passed the SSC examination from there with a GPA of 5, which is one of the few results of Dauri Hut Secondary School.

Later he got admission to the science department in Bhola Govt College one of the reputed institutions in Bhola district and even Barisal division, and passed HSC with a GPA of 4.58. Moved to Dhaka in 2018 to take admission exam preparation and got admission in Retina Medical Admission Coaching, because of his father. His father wanted him to become a doctor, but he wanted him to study engineering.

Because of this, he was a bit inattentive in his studies but did not dare to say anything because he was too afraid of his father. This gap applied to Government Brajmohan College affiliated with National University. He got the first choice subject “Chemistry” due to his good results in SSC and HSC exams. He got admission to BM College because he didn’t get a chance in medical college.

It is like studying or not because he likes engineering. He wants that. Nazrul decided to enroll in an engineering subject with a gap of one year. Considering the family and financial aspects, he got admitted to Global University Bangladesh, Barisal. Department of “Computer Science and Engineering” was founded by Advocate Jahangir Kabir Nanak (former MP) presidium member of Awami League, Barisal division’s first private university. Since then he started working with web design and development in full swing. Currently, he works with WordPress as well as with Facebook and Google in digital marketing and domain flipping.

He is a successful entrepreneur who founded an e-commerce business B Plus. He also has an online news portal called The Great Tribune. His family consists of one brother, one sister, and his parents. Both parents are government employees.

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